Inlaid woodworks

handmade in Sorrento

I’m Roberto

I learned the art of Sorrentine inlay from my father, and carry on his traditional production, making boxes and other inlaid objects decorated with the original designs and techniques of the nineteenth century.

Franco and Roberto Stinga woodworkers Sorrento
and I’m Franco

My intarsia objects combine the ancient wood-working techniques of Sorrento with modern design, both in color and form. I am constantly in search of new inspiration, from both the ancient classical style and great modern artists.

Sorrento’s inlay

Marquetry has been considered the greatest expression of artisanry in Sorrento since the nineteenth century. It consists of cutting thin strips of various types of precious woods, and then gluing them in a refined decoration on various objects, including music boxes, small tables, picture frames, and many others. See the video…

Our story

Our family is in its third generation of cabinetmakers, and today we continue to produce by hand prized inlaid objects using ancient techniques that respect our tradition. We have a showroom in Via Luigi de Maio 16, in the heart of Sorrento, and our works are esteemed by collectors and tourists from around the world.

Our philosophy

We believe that our hands are the most noble and versatile of tools. We are pleased to imagine that our creations bring the memory of our beautiful Sorrento to life around the globe. We think that the small imperfections in an artisanal inlay give it value, make it distinctive, and reflect the uniqueness of the human spirit.

Stinga Tarsia

Via Luigi de Maio, 16 (shop)

Via degli Aranci, 102 (legal address)

80067 – Sorrento (NA)

Email –
Tel. – +39 0818781165

Inlaid boxes production

The video shows how we produce, one by one, our handcrafted inlaid boxes in our workshop in Sorrento.